Okay, let it be

2 Apr


Meditation. Yesterday I forgot to flow in mediation’s purety and calmness. I like the words with ‘-ness’ ends. Openness, kindness, pressness, foolishnessness and so on. But smiless, profiless and lessnomoreness are good exampless as wellness. Okay, good enough be on pun. Read here if you’d like to continue this absurdity.


Traditionally, links:



And here you’ll find combinations of adjectives with nouns in strictly well acquianted manner from mpov like a: acerbic comedy, inexplicable catastrophes, avant-garde predecessor, or just click here if I’d like to continue read them almost all. And before to proceed let me say a few words. The next passages are constructed by sentences that structurally grabbed by this article i.e. any combinations of words not at all is mine creativity but the plot of greater one.


For raised question after the reading feel free to send me your letters to: info@albertnikanorov.com. Ty! Before was parties of communisties, and after it become parties of ‘timaties’. I might have taken comfort sitting in front of fireside chatting with my wive about poetry of Mayakovsky that was translated into English by my hands presumably intrinsically.



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