Under in certain conditions

2 Apr

Library in the garden under blut sky

What’s had happened? I like this font. I had two big deals for yesterday and it was all with myself, with my personality and personification. The first is that passed exams of The History of Russian literature. That had to be passed a year ago. The exam was passed yesterday. The university, a ‘dekanat’ gave me one chance to keep my education at the department of journalism. I’m drinking a beer.

The second is was a meeting at the lection room of (again) The History of Russian Literature. (In this time its the literature of another era, epoch, time). In the lection room was girls and one man. Plus me and a teacher. We came to conclusion to meet at the next friday with the aim to take a few short video materials for a new trailer of my little project. I’m eating a cheese with bread.

In the second part of my day I was sucked at heart and go to sleep finally. It was near 10 A.M. So bored and so alone that just fake dreams have chance to help me to forget my existenze at that time. It could help me a lot , indeed. I had skipped my 30-minutes mediation and my first blog on my English blog, i.e. here. In the rus.version of my thoughtness for weblogging I just wrote one simple sentence because of sucked up at all.

And what about this day? The line of boring is continue in more silence and sick manner just one ‘coffee and beer’ helping me to stay alive so far. Why so? Is that so? I had a talk with librarian workers, and told her about my feelingness and mood of behavior of current passed days that she said thing is all about ‘spring’. And its just a matter of time, be patient and everything will be all right. Okay, I said, let it be, we will see.

In the first lection in the classroom I was alone with a teacher. We talking about newspapers, design and so on. Nobody excepting me came to listen lection at all. After final minutes I go to scientific library and had a talk in psychological manner about my inner voice and stream of my casual days. Then to another section where I had read a few Russian magazines about Russian journalism of 2012 promulgated years in Russian history. A few, a bit interesting articles about the future of journalism and stuff like that. It was interesting a little bit that Europan authors of the same problems. But more that both of it mentioned task was interesting and fun was my talk with another one librarian worker where I had a deal to come to subscribe in literature magazin of contemporary Russian writers ‘A new world’. We will see what will be. It’s all about in the level of ‘amateur’s task’. I’d like to subscribe in one Russian magazine about computing, another one as I said about literature in order to be in well – known among of writers that will help me to communicate in big city that I’m planning to fly to the next summer. I’m just saying, planning and hoping for my sick of own life’s experience.

One thing cannot give me patience to forget that I had had skipped a dating with mt parents. A present in view of some cash that would help me with adding that cash to me some sum of money to buy e-ink reader start to read foreign ‘great’ authors and in this case to add hugely remembered in the process of reading vocabulary’s strict words combinations start to write ‘great’ articles for foreign economics and so on newspapers and magazines. All about genre and the way of writing like a George Orwell and Ray Bradbury manners. I invented for myself one technique for memorising whole bunch of new words and sentences combinations. Is to re-write original versions into another copied version by me to typing texts as well articles and essays.

It’s hardworking and I belive it will help me. A la Hunter Thompson. What about results if so? I do not know yet. You’re reading and seeing. I took some photos in the reading hall of library in the ULK and planning to paste them here. Fur Rus. and Eng. versions of weblogs.

Tumblr is one another (again) project of my internet life. Its very useful to pin a quations from anywhere in the way of HTML, links, converstations and photos. From range of web-sites that I had been. You can see all of them to type an address bar next magic words: https://albertnikanorov.tumblr.com.

I’m dreaming and dreaming a lot while listening a voice of one unknown at least for me girsl. I hope she is beautiful. Its wonderful guitar sounds in her audio-tracks. Here a link. My advice for whom who has gloomy days in everyday of last weeks and months.

English, as I read in the interview with Vladimir Nabokov isn’t so great like a Russian. But excuse me Mr. Sirin I have exactly other opinion and of course its just my point of view as yours. Nabokov so well educated classically. I declare that definitely he had ‘great’ intelligence that so help for writing/talking/discussion/reading passage to passage, day by day. I envy on your, Mr. Nabokov, childhood times in Russia. I envy on your education times in Oxford, that is, one of my dreams to take an education in European univeristy. To learn and be fluent in a few languages in the  level of writing for foreign magazines/newspapers or even to have a change and clue this change with reality to establish respectful newspaper or magazine in the foreign countrey. And this is good start to finish with dreams in reality.

You’ve learned about my level of current English language. Here as is. May be in BETA, may be in ALPHA.


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