3 Apr

Long story in short, I’m going to say what I have to say as a few words as possible.

List of games from Whose Line Is It Anyway?

List of games from Whose Line Is It Anyway? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I had talk. Again, I had a talk. What’s the difference for this time? What has changed after the conversation? In particular has changed absolutely nothing but it is an idea to establish a club for ‘interested in’ people with simple aim to talk/discuss/chat/jabber even gossip about anything in the English language. (Yeah, that’s the big problem in my city find such clubs).

Why the English language? Why not 한곡어 or Deutsch for instance? Because of The English language is the language of the entire universe. I hope so.  As you know, no suprises here :P.

Also we could learning Asian languages a little bit. We could proceed learning process of other languages via books written in The English language because a lot of them.

What this means to me that it would help me for anybody that have desire to be learned to talk in shortest period of given time while ‘jabbering’, may be not so well in the first time of pratice. And time can change anything and doesn’t matter what it is. And any language most off all is the tool for describing and explaining ideas and feelings that anybody knows that simple fact.

For these early days we have to pay an attention to gather all could be ‘there’ (in the clud) people and start to make our level of English more and more higher through practice in point of view of native speakers either discussing with them collabaratively nor privately in various situations started from international airports and ending with conferences in The European countries.

Brainstorming, branching and flocharts. How to come up with ideas as a example asking thyself: ‘How to write high journalistic articles for portfolios what will be directed to accept a job offers from a bunch of international news sources and press houses?’ The first question that we will ask yourself in the first meetings of club at the library of science department.

This is a key goal of haven’t established clud yet. And we also have to start to handle real-world problems with the help of international organizations. A lot of them in the internet, that’s not the problem.

The language is the matter of our lives. And I think that more you reliable and exact to picture for others ‘what’s going on around us in fact’ is the real image of intellectuality and punctuality of our minds. To create perfectly crafted, useful and flexible articles in variety of genres that will be well-useful for other part of world from local news magazines to web-sites. World is changing hugely by each lives second of our lives, and we have to have all useful positions to be in flow of informations era. It does help to us to stay in tune.

Taken together, these beginning principles means that you’re going to be introduce in important aspects of sociology, politology and journalism. We’re going to learn how to experiment if our plans would come true IRL. (In real life). We can get the similar results from the internet without doing any clubs, by just typing one of the internationally oriented social web-sites like a facebook or quora or reddit, but, but NO!

This is fundamental concept of idea to start make differences here, in Yakutsk. Instead of trying to explain other things/concepts all the time, even manifestos and so on, let’s start doing not talking. Actually, there are a lot of thoughts about it used to for emphasis or to indicate. Therefore, how do we make it a special with sort of uniquness? It isn’t sounds confusing at all but on of the important (again) goals to begin. And we have chance to make our lives easier and more broaded with ideas and people all over the world. It’s time to start something new.

We are busy all the time, I know. We cannot manage our time for ‘who knows what it is at all’ clubs, I know. But we can invest two hours to meet with each other for Mondays just for talking and for sharing with news.

It’s touchable pleasure and gratitude to see increasing interest for learning stuffs making yourself acceptable in various as I said situations. Live can be more broader. And I’m happy to do this. I’m looking forward to have fun with you. If you want to be happy like me just accept and invitation to become regular attendee and volunteer.

Sincerely, yours truly Albert 🙂


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