So and so

4 Apr
English: Sir Winston Churchill.

English: Sir Winston Churchill. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I haven’t been meditation three days in a row. It’s very influenced to my mind and to my actions as well. It’s very strange time with a lot joyness and easiness in my particular thoughts and days. Where’s odd gloomy sundays? I’m eating and watching useless TV shows almost all the time. It’s grabbed my time and productivity. I do not know what to do with that because I like it a lot. Not thinking, disturbing and zero paranoia. I’m just checking my e-mails, eating, watching, checking, blah-blah-blah.

For tomorrow I have to make decisions to fix my behavior to back for sufferness. I turn on my telephone and I’m not saying that telephone started to ringing over and over again, but on the other hand sort of annoying begun to press me. How to say it correctly, I have no idea, but social interactivity and modern sources of a la ‘p2p’ actions not for me at all as I guessed. For today I’d been walking, eating and hearing. I took a few photos that wasn’t saved on my phone. it’s ridiculous. Hilarious things are going on.

I’d like to meet a girl, a worm-booking girl with ‘nice’ intelligence and sense of poetry to sharing with ideas and critical materials and even with the authors or our verces which is a uranium of unconsciesness in the information flow. Why not? And there is my next question: Who is regularly reading such a newsfeed from,,,, and may be the print versions as well? Throught the pdf? Or subscribing? Feel free to call me an asshole but I like provoke debates with confrontation but not for confrontation’s sake. The nice thing to having access for financial tools that is the stimula to write own sort of artiles, yeah, I really want. Good information matters. One of my great frustration to talking in social networks is that the entire ‘industry’ (people, news, pictires and videos) are branded my ‘Lookatme I was there, here and anywhere’. And if you’re in ‘tema’ you’re right, but if you won’t are’re ‘weird’. It’s not some glorification that might be but value system to be ‘natural’ and may be sort of ‘struggles’ not to be in mainstream.

I want to be back to my strange days where I had been writing and reading all the time with empty stomach just with water in the near at the table. I was near to give up my blogging that just ‘stop not to stop’ version of my days. Don’t give up, never and never and never, how says Winston Churchill. (?) Am I wrong with the second name of great honor man? Fix me, if so 🙂 Thank you.

No surpries in the university and in the life. I bought some coffe and happy.


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