Stinking to thinking

7 Apr

All the time. Almost all the time. The English is so good for confessions’ stuff. Because of my parents don’t understand yet The Sounds of English language. Again, all the time there was shadow of ideas and actions left behind in front of enviroinment’s eyes. Eyes to listen and ears to see. The mornings has a ‘privichka’ to be repeated from one morning to other at some point. Love is all, I declare today. All is love? I like don’t think so.

April 2006, Le National, Montréal

April 2006, Le National, Montréal (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I promulgated here a few new videos. And I need discussing for raised topics and feel free to send me any questions for continueing. My e-mail: It’s hard to find soulmate in my town, the soulmate that will be couraged by languages, and the ideas came from sociology and journalism. I couldn’t find bloggers and if even I found these bloggers was so popular and haven’t free time to invest ‘priceless’ time to ‘amateurs’ like me. But I’m keeping looking forward and for so far with the hope that one day, once upon a time I will find that clud, community or man in the same position like mine. To hold on, to be in position and with the answes to eternal questions about journalism. Is open journalism really our future?


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