Hello Dear Blog!

12 Apr
Dear Mr. President (album)

Dear Mr. President (album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Heyy once again! I totally forgot about my blog, I wasn’t blogging in a few days in a row. Sorry. But there are many reasons why I didn’t it so far. I was kind of ‘busy’ person for these days. Two conferences in my department, moviemaking, paperworks etc etc.

Today I had a talk, over and over again I had a talk, I know. But with the nice girl, her name is Anna, and we had been talking about a lot of topics. Mostly me, sorry Anna, if you’re reading this. As I wrote here all my words came to reality, how it is nice I do not know yet. The problem is that I’ve told all about my internet life to her and even sent e-links via e-mail. Stupid idea I know, she said that all about what I will decide, but that’s my decision that she have to be in the course who I am and what I am doing which is to say will really help me to stay transparent in the eyes of others.

And for now I have to all had happened things tie them all together into something that will help me analize my behavior and actions in that particular period of recent days. Yet it’s my only choice. Self-investigation is going on. But I care only  about the opinions of the people who’ve tgey proven they are smarter than I am, and I recognize that I’m gonna get it wrong a lot. So being wrong? Not a problem. It lets me be a happy. So I keep at it.


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