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13 Apr
ways of reading

Excellent piece of work

What I want to say for this time? (Not so impressive sentence). Okay, let’s proceed. May be my aim that I’m saying to myself before writing is to be uniqeness in the language that isn’t mine native? Okay, I would encouraged myself to keep my typing on. But before I would say thanks to my parents. Because: they give birth to me, they feed me, dress me, provide money and make me laugh. Long story in short: I can’t live without them.

We make myriad of connections with people around the world the university. (In my case). But as you know not all people (even aroung the university) our parents, relatives, friends. Okay, let’s try type other nouns except mine ‘over and over again’ yelling phrases among my sentences in which is to say there are words boringly influencing to ears and eyes while reading these passages. I mean it, I mean other constructions and connections of words like a ‘common beliefs, achievements, values, interests and even geography’. A lot of them to think and write about.

Book: Tretyakov. How to become famous journalist: The course of practical and theoretical journalism.

It has always amazed me that in this fundamental of all life skills, we’ve been given a little or no training. For example, how to read a book. Yeah, exactly. I had started to read an excellent book about ‘ways of reading‘ and I was amazed by the colourful techniques and ways how to read a poetry (various of them) or a novel in more intimate manner that I had had a read books ever in my whole life since the beginning in the first grade at the elementary schools.

The second example, ‘how to write such an excellent articles like in WSJ?’ How to be succesfule American journalist? How? I want to make the process of writing as natural, as fluid and easy as possible, and above all to make them enjoyable and rewarding.

Are you sure we haven’t met before? Yes! I want a succesful relationship and partnership, I have filled my imagination with what that relationshiop and partnership will look, sounds, fell, smell and taste like with me in it, and I know when I will have it.


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