A language barrier?

14 Apr

The next piece of text I wrote an eigth month ago, and just found in my private archive in the cloud. So I decided it will be worth to me to know how increased my ability and capacity for writing my thoughts in The English language. The original version was posted on my livejournal account that I don’t want to reveal here by the reason of awful russian posts in my point of view. It would be better if you’ll scrolling http://www.albertnikanorov.com 😛 Thanks! The post was copied and pasted as it is without any editions or corrections. Judge me, welcome!

Okay, let’s proceed. In the last post I had skipped a few grammatical mistakes that for now only had learned by it. So if you got them too I’ve refixed them at once. And I would have to notify in advance that I’ve no guarantee that mistakes will be not show up again, so if so just pardon me and let me know. Okay? Great!

For the first time we have to have defined the meaning of a ‘word’ LANGUAGE and for that aims I just typed this word in the search engine and results brings in one second. So let’s look:

“Language is the specifically human for acquiring and using complex systems of communication, or a specific instance of such system of complex communication. When used as a general concept, ‘language’ may refer to the cognitive ability that enables humans to learn and use systems of complex communication, or to describe the set of rules that makes up these systems, or the set utterances that can be produced from those rules.”

Ahhhh, a lot of words at once, but it is. And only the meaning of the word ‘language’, isn’t? Just take to pieces these two sentences and try to understand it more simply and clearly that may be it is, too. If we read the definition couple times we can without any hardworking catch up that the word ‘communication’ used three times for describing one word.  And I guess that is the most important part of definition, I mean, range of possible meanings of this “communication”. Like any languages is the way of our manner of communication with others people like me, you, or another. That’s all. A manner of communicate with our parents, friends of may be pets. J That info not astonishing anybody but that kind of simple facts often had left behind. And we are building on our mind so many fake – reasons, tasks, problems that for us it to seems to be figure out or solving a globlam probles, and that’s all connected with/of learning process’ of any language, and even the English language. We are the civilians of our paradoxes and non – effective motives like that we doing really stuff matter. And that mountain is growing up more and more highly that as I said the simple facts left behind at all. Just for communicate, and for have chance to say to out mother “I love you so much, my mummyJ” and it definitely would be right beginning of learning process to the reach progress and for your mummy, too.

So today made me remember that I really love what I learn, how I learn it, I mean: handwriting on paper, doing exercises on handbooks and being able to control and organise ‘what I left behind’ while repeating and listening podcasts, musics, and even watching movies on their original languages and I do it like I would do it my tongue mother, without any false expression, proud or whatever it is. It’s just language, language that only help us to communicate, just for express our opinions, motives, feels, the way to say to our mother ‘I love you’, it really simple fact growing to building much more hard constructions that people do that after just begun must to give up! Because they think that is hard, because they learning English without any feeling, but have lot of angry, and false convention. Feelings are the keyword in order to open properly our soul. Our inner soul that so big that can contain three absolutely different languages at once! (In my opinion). Creating amazing experience that exactly what I want to say for today.  While learning try to create your own, private, intimate experience and try to describe your own feeling with the language that you learn, say your mother, father, sister the words of love. This is it in order to begin to falling into amazing sea of words, sentences, constructions and so and so.

But that field only eligible for that kind of aims and as we know any language has a more widely complex using for instance in business, professional writing, a poetry (Oh, darling!), and … (a passage will continue)

To begin with process we will be in progress.

Process is really matter to think about as well progress is a key factor of any stuff. And levels are levels that you can describe yourself for the eyes of anothers, business partnears, to your teachers at the university, friends and so fourth. The high level is the really good word. As you may be heard a words like: fluent, flexible, upper – intermediate, extrenely well or whatever it is for presentation by anothers your current level of talking, writing and listening skills via another language.


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