Hello over there! Ulysses of essays

14 Apr


I skipped some days where actually I had a time for posting but wasn’t any useful and interesting information at least around me. I am in good trim for now because of a little sip of cup of coffee so can not to choose a proper font to change the way to look to the pushed words and typed sentense. I daresay the Blog would be more quite attractive with photos, videos, interrogations and so on. Do not you have maggots in your brain? Hard to imagine what exacty is it.

Read your own diary not fake internet copybook that may also always have had a ‘copy-paste-n-write down’ operation by either of somebody nor even worst of you. It is a chance to take out algorithm from the gripsack for a Sunday. Today is Sunday without cease and we have to people work without cease too. Leave off. It cost a trifle. Today aim is to write here as long as possible that can be true. A delicious delirious of floating particles it is. Move no more. I want to hold you in mine’s embrace a bit of time. I will be expired fully after.

Clod, simpleton, noodle, oaf, dolt, blockhead, clodpate or clodhoppers are the best determination for it ever. I tried to take a fling at you but you had declined, reject me that turn down my long directed plans at once at place. A shiver of breathe. By jhingo!
Just as well to get shut of them as soon as you are sure there is no’. – Ulysses. One of the best ever have had written on the paper down sentence I’ve ever read before in my young life.

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