Some links between hints

14 Apr

I’m just going to make my own pinboard of useful phrases that will help increase by words in my posts here. Okay, let’s start:

  • duration of a movement
  • the first ingredient for creativity is boredom (Quite interesting piece of thought)
  • will lead to something interesting
  • a period where the music seems boring
  • it can become quite interesting
  • a formidable compendium of essays
  • need to encourage surprise and serendipity
  • a frivolously tossed around buzzword
  •  you’re no doubt familiar with
  • immediately run into trouble
  • actual empirical evidence to answer the question
  • without hesitation
  • spatial representations
  • I would shuffle them
  • a radically different way of organizing time
  • domain of time
  • which seems to be especially flexible
  • an amazing correlation
  • a happy miracle occurs
  • a really simple physical event
  • lots of tools for interpreting
  • a masterful exculpation
  • give you a sense of how
  • linguistic wiggling
  • are less likely to talk about
  • another way of phrasing that question is
  • discriminate colors across color boundaries
  • it seemed like a perfectly reasonable question
  • also from a naive standpoint
  • things didn’t quite work out that way
  • it’s an incredibly controversial issue
  • a logical step to simplify
  • a specific topic to look into
  • shape our understanding
  • relationship between language and thought
  • it seems like such an obvious question to investigate

All phrases from here:


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