She shrugged and smiled

15 Apr
Atlas Shrugged

Atlas Shrugged (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If I Were You I Wish You Were Here

“She shrugged and smiled.” – Atlas shrugged.

I had watch a video on where a writer (she’s woman) talked about ‘writing’ process. So her words as it ‘have to be with’ words was as strong and clear as it will have any ‘serious’ writer and has a fair relationship for to picture ideas that raised in her mind while the presentation go on at the stage in front of sitting people and installed camera-man around here. At that time I was sitting in the lecture room and it was ‘rest time’ and I was waiting alarm when will be begun our second part of lecture. The History of Foreign Journalism.

I started to think abour words at whole at large. I was recalling words like ‘trembling’, ‘shrugged’, something like that. I was asking myself: ” – Could I say these words in voice verse right now amoung my russian language groupmates? Could I remember them and to use them in very unique situations in my life? “

I was reading a book, as you’ve noticed the title of the book was ‘Atlant Shrugged’, and yet as you may know in the beginning of the novel we are reading ‘special’ words about one girl, and I astonishingly like the tone of telling, the magic where the words lied down in the e-ink was connected, the healthy and wealthy relationship between them, (I mean plot and words) care and calm was to and fro. And I remember that I said to myself that it is really doesn’t matter so much that I cannot write sort of ‘writing’ yet, but I have a chance to begin change it right now at that time and in particular  too. And has begun stream of unconsciesness within me. I forgot to re-correct typed words and about grammatical rules and just start to type these figures, sounds and shapes that my imagination picture to me for free. There’s no doubt that most of things in our life is priceless, has no price at all.

Words. Worlds of words. Music of words, colors of words, ciphers of words, zeros of words, words of words, chords of words, swords of words, birds of words, birthday of words, concords of words, it’s all about words, words can be everything, and everything can be described by words. The languages is the incredibly colloborative system. Our native language is our life, then what’s happening in my life? My tongue mother isn’t fluent I would like to have, so?


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