Daniel Kahneman

18 Apr

Daniel Kahneman

Daniel Kahneman‘s work “Thinking fast and slow” IS blowing my mind and one of the key words in the book is the word ‘bias’.

Bias – (2) n. – a leaning of the mind; propensity or prepossession toward an object or view, not leaving the mind indifferent; bent; inclination;

I started to read this book today after had been reseaching about ‘objects’ on PHP in the early morning  (incstances or occurence, methods and properties, interface, as you recognised these definitions are the part of ‘objects’ to manipulate with them using Classes, functions and variables), and I decided to take some rest and ‘reading’ for my case and at least for me is the best of the best may be after taking a shower to re-boot work of mind to start doing best on. So I read this piece of remarkable analogue that had woke my mind up quickly:

The psychology of accurate intuition involves no magic. Perhaps the best short statement of it is by the great Herbert Simon, who studied chess masters and showed that after thousands of hours of practive they come to see the pieces on the board differently from the rest of us. You can feel Simon’s impatence with the mythologizing of expert intuition when he writes: “The situation has provided a cue; this cue has given the expert access to information stored in memory, and the information provides the answer. Intuition is nothing more and nothing less than recognition”.

Cue – temper of mind

He’s right, totally. Brilliant!



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