How to say it? How to name it?

18 Apr

How to name it? It is not solitude at all, it is not loneliness at all, it is not to be alone at all, it is… what will appear in the definition of what it is? 3.14159265358… π Today I was hunted by some thoughts that ‘I could remember anything, just not to try it, and even not just do it, it’s beyond ‘try’ and ‘just do’, far more beyond neither ‘try’ nor ‘do’. Where it could begun? 阿么吧 - 아몌바 – あいわ。

I could be more … The first question: Why ask useless questions? How deep is the ocean? How high is the sky? What’s wrong with the world? Who is this guy?  – For any special reason we do that? But who cares? Me? I suppose so, it’s only my ‘who cares’.

Today I felt a sudden spurt of rebellion, I wanted that I need to recapture and re-create and defiantly to reassert my own view of existence which I had held while walking home in the afternoon and it seemed to me that I was threatened in some nameless manner. If there is a gap between you and somebody who kept silence for a long period of time that had’n been able to give a sign that you could be in-touch about that she cares about you too, this feeling is the same with that what will appear in the ‘next’ definition. Boundless power of words, and they could never share with their sense of joyous.

I feel it is super simple. But hard to explain.


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