Another good one day

28 Apr

Move to Trash at once? I’m feeling would be better delete this post for now unconventionally. Uncertainty, endeavour (Thanks God, I re-locare ‘try’ to other syn.) to make changes in particular days in which is to enable fixate . I’m flabbergasted, its gaiety, moment to gain a hastiness to make those differences, to be indifferent to the outside world, exhale-inxhale, just breathe, to ask the life an indiscreet questions, in  indoor things are more fun. And Everybody knows it.

To be owner of a keen intellect, a keen glance, a keen interest, be keen on to saying about ‘keen’ everywhere, what the hell are talking about man? It’s all about keen, our wolrd is all about to say the word ‘keen’ everywhere. It is just what I said just in time and it’s just splendid. Just + keen = brilliant combination, I made my day just by this ‘keen’.

 – Are you invented your own world, aren’t you?

– No, that wasn’t just me, God helped me, he did a personal kindness.

Lack of balance.


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