The words in the language

6 May

IMO. Learning a new lanuage is learning words within and through learning language. I think IMO. For instance: the exquisitely painful [cut] process is learning a word in the learning language. [Combination from here.] For the second instance: 음악 – music (ūmag); 음 – sound; 악 –

strong, powerful, vigorous, keen –

severe, violent –

high –

potent –







robust, vigorous, lusty, sappy

악 – exactly, this ‘block’ has lots of versions in the Enlgish language, I would choose a version ‘power’ and add + ‘full’ + ‘ly’ = adv. Other combinations with 악: 악곡 – musical performance; 악극 – opera; 악기 – musical instrument; 악단 – orchestra; And add them Chinese ‘Pinyin’ Characters – as I said any language is the words. And as I said its exquisitely painful process learning new words.

Let’s proceed. There is a word, ‘intent’ plus ‘tion’ = intention. Check the meaning in Webster’s dict. = (1 ) closely directed; strictly attentive; denf; (2) having the mind closely ditected to or bent on an object; sedulous; eager in pursuit of an object; (3) the act of turning the mind toward an object; hence, a desigh; a purpose; intention; mening; drift; aim. So what would you say? It’s huge for non-speaker learner.



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