There isn’t any ‘waste of time’

10 May
Steve Jobs and Bill Gates at the fifth D: All ...

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates at the fifth D: All Things Digital conference (D5) in 2007 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Time is priceless, and everyone knows it. The main thing, may be not the most but one of those is to remember ‘what we’re doing on earth’ are important aspects to our current days. It doesn’t matter lying on the bad all day long or working like a slave to have finish on in what we’re doing harder than before. It doesn’t matter. If we’re doing it conscieuosly, we do. And I’m saying to myself not to be the greatest of the greatest in every field of business, but just do what I want to do. This fact of life is patiently obvious. You know it.

Pity, miserable, nothing worth having comes easy. In the school I wanted to be a programmer, and I attented the university where I had been learning programming, but mostly it was a math, clear math and I couldn’t find a solution to ‘matrix’ and smth. And in the middle of semester I kicked ass of one guy that I hated, so after this I dropped out, because I couldn’t go after this, I was miserable, I was living in the home of aunt and all day long I was sitting in the library and reading books about PHP, HTML+CSS instead of going to university and my aunt and even parents didn’t know about it. It were pity days, I agree. After this ‘situations’ I came to conclusion that I can be programmer without any formal education, or even diploma so I decided to tell about it and I moved to the village and was reading all the time as well to keep my self-education in high position as long as I could. It was fail, I know. Next year I decided that I wanted to be ‘journalist’. Before go to programming stuff I knew what I need to do in my life, there was programming and journalism, and to my mind  how I guessed I had thought that it’s more important to have diploma in order to be a programmer than a journalist, in my case the situation was absolutely Z-A, than A-Z how it has to be in normal people.

Then I attented to the journalist department and I like it so far. And I’m programming. So in the freshman year I wanted to be fluent in the English language, because at that time I was ‘stupid’ guy in the group so others laughed at my pronunciation and something. It was normal, and this fact couraged me to keep my learning process all day long, and many nights. Thanks to my groupmates. And I was programming but the whole stuff was annoying, I couldn’t concentrate and my project of local ‘Associated Press‘ was cancelled by dean to franchise and to support. It was fail again. We were living in the dormitory and drinking all nights but I was learning like any freshmans and I liked these days. So then I wanted to learn other foreign languages and I started to learn them. But I failed to study Japanese, I was embarrased that if I started I have to do it much harder that it was with English language, because Japanese was absolutely new place to turn around. So I gave up. At that time I was kind of learning three major Asian languages. That was hard, and it is so far.

In childhood I wanted to be writer, so I started to wrote little storytellings. And then came social networking and I started to spam my ‘online’ friends to sending them my piece of ‘masterpieces’. And I started to read everything about ‘computer nerds’, ‘talented programmers‘, biographies of ‘CEO’s corporations’, everything about Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. And I thought that the next big thing will be my own product. I started to programming on PHP some ugly codes and all my intentions was failed in front of ‘reality’. Because RDF wasn’t mine ‘worth to having charisma’, I was ordinary student with ordinary feelings and intentions. I was just thinking about it, not doing. And I’m doing the same for now. So nothing changed from that times. But the future is long, and will see.

Then I found a few really brilliant guys in back of CEO’s and engineers that kept a blog and shared ideas about internet and techonology at whole. That was really brilliant guys but these guys weren’t popular or something than Steve or Bill.

I will update it if I need to.

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      Holla! Thank you buddy! There isn’t any ‘waste’ of time 🙂

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