How to navigate life’s turbulent waters

21 May

I’m pretty sick, I guess that’s why I opened my wordpress blog.

A two days earlier I had been analizying my long period of blogging through published posts here to understand what sort of lacks I had to fix to take one step further of my little tiny career among other bloggers in various platforms in order to be noticed to receive an invitation from I came to conclusion that I have to edit each line of text both carefully and diligently while I’m typing ‘good’ one. Strong grammatic is best sign of personality. Good sense of word, good sense of life. Such a philosophical thoughts that yesterday was my second trying to get a profile on Svbtle. As a usual what I received on my e-mail was only this:

Hey Albert, your application to Svbtle has been received. We go through applications in infrequent stages, so it might take a while to hear back.

I’m pretty sick not only by this fact. I applied on membership where subtle is ” a new kind of writing and publishing network” to increase my statistics of tumblr’s and to start get feedbacks by real-readers all over the world in the second time. My application would be cancelled by the reasons of my ‘poor’ English, and everyone can prove these words. So sick!

A couple years ago I created a few TODO lists with goals I’d like to achive while I’m on this planet. It contains everything I want to accomplish in the next few days, but I have to add in the next months in more concrete way, and in the longer term respectively. Also it contains all my ideas and thoughts. As you’ve noticed we have lots of ‘reactions’ in the same situations in this life. And the list help me to clarify my private inner reactions and try to be as possible as it could more objective concerning what had happened, and how to react to it in the best way. In other words this document essentially contains my current state and aspited state. My list is the one most important thing I’ve ever done in my life. For instance, I know that in my current usual days I want to skill my writing, programming and learning techniques to be more productive and fluent doing it second by second, minute per minute, hours for hours.

It doesn’t need to be anything special, but the very act of committing your goals and ideas to paper seems to make them more tangible and achievable. And one of my experiences I’d like to achive is get special invitation to publish my thoughts on Svbtle. It would make sense to convince self-confidence.


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