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All about patterns in my own world

4 Jun

The life is a casual in most cases. The thing is how to invest every second of/from one day into something anything to get a positive feedbacks from had happened situations, thoughts, feelings, intentions, desires, aims etc etc. In my opinion. One day, one week, one year, a decade, it doesn’t matter. You are getting to be older from the childhood. And it’s coming the day when you’ll realize that you’ve been living on earth just one day. One day can make difference in most cases. Our casual day-by-day situations, thoughts, feelings, intentions, desires, aims  are our destiny to think different and make changes. This is the matter of choosing. In my opinion so far.

So what’s the big deal? To invest as far as you could into one day your best thoughts, feelings, intentions, desires, aims respectively. And I’m doing this all the time, or I hope that the thing going to be exactly like this. Who knows? Who? Me? I don’t think so, we aren’t robots and won’t predict what will happen in the future. The future is a matter of our casual thoughts, feelings, intentions, desires and aims as well. What are you doing in your casual days are the future and what will happened in the future. Languages, programming languages, exams, university, education, parents, girlfriend, friends, social networks, the internet, travel, communication, balcony, social skills, brands, calls, cleaning, etc. etc. It’s a messed up of various fields of our one – day that can make influence in another aspects of life. Such a life. I do not know yet what’s going on the earth but I guess the earth is one huge project of somebody that we call ‘God’. Again, who knows? Who?



I can’t believed it

3 May

I had skipped three days in a row to mark ‘my table’ so far in which I didn’t recognized any intentions to be understood by me to have well ‘have done’. Grammatic rules and near of it was my first enemy to start to write a post, and all the time I had thoughts that I have poor vocabulary to write anything in the English language, and one of the folks sent me a link about ‘Stop Learning Korean language‘ as well, I read the post, there was a blog and I thought: ‘ – Suck of it’, I’ll continue my learning process at all events, but I guess this is my current ‘low weeks’ I mean the time where I can’t be productive, it’s like I’m charging my battery and of course this fact either very infcluenced on my behavior nor in style for doing something useful: big deal – zero results. Talker, not maker.

Fail early, fail often

And I have to confess: before I had ‘copy and paste‘ some sentences, I mean structure of sentences to describe my feelings, and if you guys we’ll notice something more smart than I could be, you’ll find these sentences at here: Crookedtimber. I forgot almost all in order to write such an excellent posts, how to say it, I’m loosing my sense of English language, there was a time when I was in, in stream of English language’s unconsciousness (is that correctly typed?) Everything changed when my aunt asked me: ” – Is this yours? Are writing all this stuff? Excellent!” And I said, yes, it’s all me and to be honest that is not so big deal, it’s just happening, but 70% of words and phrases wasn’t and isn’t mine at all, and after this conversaion my liar head started to killing my responsibilty and I was feeling bad reaction by me that I’m lying to draw just image, suck! this image I was saying all the time before, and made some confessions on my Russian blog, so this game is start, the battly between real-Albert and just image of Albert, who will win? We’ll see, the future is long!


It’s bad idea in order to make any sense

28 Apr

Bad idea, so bad idea, so bad.


It is possible to be pragmatic about language (ie, its just a means to express ideas; so I’ll just focus on the ideas and not spend my finite energy on the vague intracicies of the language) and still be an intellectual? Let’s compare, it’s a bad analogue to compare myself with anybody/somebody, all people are experts in own fields, but with in the sense I’m using the ‘compare’ I mean try to figure out the situation, where are excuses but my own experience telling me ‘stop’ doing ‘needless to be done talkings and walkings, and I have no idea what to do with that, turn off again social interactions? In this case I like don’t think so 🙂 So how is it goin’ for you?

I know one guy, he’s living in the countryside, he’s very popular among other folks and girls, he has a car, and comparing with me, of course, he’s more succeed because we was born in the same year, but he don’t know any words in any foreign languages, I didn’t see him with books, I mean reading something or talking about literature, he don’t know almost everything about the internet at whole, he haven’t writing stuff in any blogging platforms, just one account on social networking, and one thing he has a shop (goods) and he kind of ‘in cash’ all the time. And I guess he has hundreds of friends (like him), friends on the social networking site. He don’t know anything about music like me, about editors of main news-gathering organizations, and so on and so forth, but in the other hand he more popular than me, and no questions here. So I was thinking, you know, I’m kind of ‘blogger’, ‘language learners’, ‘videoblogger’, ‘writer at some point’, ‘nerd-booking man’, ‘at some point programmer’, ‘at some point enterpreuner’, and I haven’t popular among girls, I haven’t lots of friends on social networking, no saying here in life compare again with hem, and of course I haven’t yet a car, haha? So what’s the difference I started to think about it deeply, what the hell is going on in this case?

And I came to conclusion that may be I’m not so popular or succeed at the current time, but I have time and I’m working on my future, so the future will come back, and I’m training to myself to be an expert in the fields where competition is so high than just selling the good in the village, and may be it doesn’t matter to drive to and fro with the (may be drivin sort of cool Japan car in the current time) in order just to give for money a food for others, I have chance to impact in our world, and I said to myself, may be that’s tricky and very risky to be in my position than in the position of my acquiantance, but he stopped his self-learning but me continuing, and that is the best thing because I don’t want to be popular among a bunch of girls, have a sex with each of them and talking about it with other folks, and driving a car without any ‘in the level of world’ sense, I just want to meet one girl, what about car? It’s ridicilous to saying that ‘car is more important than to be an world class expert, the cool is to have own airplane, and I said to myself shame on you, that you started even thinking about that stuff, skip it, be smart.

Drinking more and more coffee to trying keep yourself in good mood, and whatever, your heart beating you, you’re seeing around yourself lots of books that they sort of gibbering on you ‘you are wasted your time to reading us, because more important is to write good one.

I’m frustrated by flow of information I’m involving in

24 Apr
The bitcoin logo

The bitcoin logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m reading Financial Times Europe, and in the front page there is a short article about Bitcoin – electronyc payment system created a four years ago by ‘unknown computer scientist’. Might be I mean the founder of protocol さとしなかもと wasn’t well-known computer science in the world at that time, but what says (trusted by me wiki platform, and may be by millions) he’s the creator and pseudonymous author of algorythm and ecosystem for transactions. Here you’ll find a new specie of Bitcoin a new form of digital money.

” If digital banks start to mimic conventional lenders and make loans that exceed the amount of deposits they keep on hand, the system will become prone to runs. Banking regulators will need to step in (after hiring some computer whizzes).”

Let’s copy and paste a few passages from Wikipedia’s Bitcoin page.

“Bitcoin is one of the first implementations of a concept called “crypto-currency”.”

“This virtual payments system is the financial equivalent of Latin, the language with no native speakers.” The quotation from here.

“Bitcoin is an open-source project, meaning any vulnerabilities in its code are available for those with the right technical expertise to see.”

“In 2009, the first Bitcoin specification and proof of concept was published in a Cryptography mailing list by a member under the pseudonym of Satoshi Nakamoto. Towards the end of 2010 Satoshi left the project saying he had moved on to other things. The creator of Bitcoin never revealed his identity and simply left his invention to the world. The origin and the motivation behind Bitcoin is still today a great source of mystery.” From here.

“Everyone knows who founded Bitcoin but nobody knows who he is.” From here.

We’re drinking the water

23 Apr
Lolita / Vladimir Nabokov

Lolita / Vladimir Nabokov (Photo credit: lalagonca)

It’s been almost 9 minutes for uploading the next video with lots of links and addresses for discovering in InTrends – 9 – be in trends 🙂 I woke up at 06:13P.M. and my mood is good. Indeed I’d been sleeping umcomfortably, I had from time to time been sharply awakening by harsh feelings that there are some things left behind by me and there was a constant fear that I’m waste my time and resources to lying on the bed and sleeping.

Yesterday I lived (let’s be honest to say there what has been) a kind of colossal day. I read a lot, talked a lot, a lot of solved problems (programming stuffs), and there was no fear of to start, and cool TABLE helped me in this, today I see that in my table begin to flash red crosses on each item and its special feelings to look at it, very nice as an evening watching the sunset standing on an old wooden bridge with her and telling her  words: “Tell me, until tomorrow, forever, to the grave, do you remember over there flying  a swallow?” (Nabokov poems, if anyone remembers)

Today the same thing. Yesterday afternoon I was listening the song The Times They’re Changing a half of the day, and a few things that I have to change in fundamental ways. The first is to move to a real “metropolis”. Why? More features? Nope, but then what? To take a photos, phothos and to promulgate the film where a city with an endless stream of people. Yeah, I’ve been thinking about it for a long time, a very long time. Meet different people and each person has a separate story on this earth as it is in one millisecond taken photo.

For further reading:

How to say it? How to name it?

18 Apr

How to name it? It is not solitude at all, it is not loneliness at all, it is not to be alone at all, it is… what will appear in the definition of what it is? 3.14159265358… π Today I was hunted by some thoughts that ‘I could remember anything, just not to try it, and even not just do it, it’s beyond ‘try’ and ‘just do’, far more beyond neither ‘try’ nor ‘do’. Where it could begun? 阿么吧 - 아몌바 – あいわ。

I could be more … The first question: Why ask useless questions? How deep is the ocean? How high is the sky? What’s wrong with the world? Who is this guy?  – For any special reason we do that? But who cares? Me? I suppose so, it’s only my ‘who cares’.

Today I felt a sudden spurt of rebellion, I wanted that I need to recapture and re-create and defiantly to reassert my own view of existence which I had held while walking home in the afternoon and it seemed to me that I was threatened in some nameless manner. If there is a gap between you and somebody who kept silence for a long period of time that had’n been able to give a sign that you could be in-touch about that she cares about you too, this feeling is the same with that what will appear in the ‘next’ definition. Boundless power of words, and they could never share with their sense of joyous.

I feel it is super simple. But hard to explain.

From perspective

17 Apr

This post isn’t written by me, but I found these words quite familiar with my thoughts how I see the world and how I see my days. So I copied the next from here, and more you’ll find here.


Wake up early. Show up. Learn how to think. Be genuine, but appear nice. Use envy for motivation instead of destruction. Do what you say you’re going to do. Ensure balance in every area of your life. Confront repressed thoughts immediately. Surround yourself with people who are better than you (but remember the thing about envy). Work out every day. Be good at what you do. Make money doing what you love. Have good friends. Never settle.

This is my personal recipe for happiness and success.

That’s exactly the same that I’m saying to myself all the time from the beginning of my day to the time to go to sleep, in places and situations like a in front of mirror, or just walking, talking with somebody, sitting in the lectures, and even in my dreams. Do. Be modest and productive, pay not money but your attention and it will pay you, do with passion or not at all, no drama, simplify, impute, engage face-to-face, take responsibility end-to-end, love and be loved.