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Book Boostering

12 Jun


I haven’t Book Boostered for a while, and our newest add on, Munchinwrites, prompted me to remind folk to sign up if they haven’t.  And to also remind me if I promised to add you and haven’t done so. *Ahem, my apologies, with additional lame excuses attachments* heart

What is Book Boosters?

Here’s the pitch from my Book Boosters page conveniently placed in my banner

Do you love books?

Do you have favorites you read, recommend, and even re-read?

Are you a frequent flyer at the local library?

Are you an on-line regular of book sites, be they promoting to buy, review, or boast books?

Perchance you operate on a need to read basis–you have to have a book in hand, by the bed, stashed in the car, or have one nestled in the backpack.

You then, my friend, are a Book Booster. And you are in good company. Add your…

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A new day, a new chance to make something substantial

5 Jun

In the last two days I’d been writing about motivational stuff concerning me and my current works. And you know what? I logged off from social networks again yesterday. Not so big deal, but I even couldn’t catch up what I did that in shortest period of time even didn’t thinking about it. Automatically, I just sent a message to one of my internet folks ‘The last three on the island’. Actually, it was my last session at least in this week and may be more. I do not want to say exactly that I logged off from the universe and don’t want come back anymore, but anyway that was I need to take step action in the last three days.

As you know I created an account on Medium. These guys turn on a possibility to write our own stuff in view of posts finally. And I posted one stuff so far. Here’s the link. In this month I will do my best to keep learn my languages and to promulgate (as a usual) about my days and thoughts, what I’m doing, why I’m doing this etc. etc. and trying to learn exams’ ticket before the exams itself even in four or five days earlier than event coming evening. If you’re understood what I wanted to jabber. Okay, and I ended up with conclusion that my ‘annoying’ voice that why I cannot do that question wasn’t coincidentally. I think that I give up my ‘hard-earn’ minutes and my current hours are so easy to live on. Actually. I cancelled all my programming and language courses by the reason of final tests and exams at the university.

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Okay, a little bit about posted notes on Blogger and why I was so touchable and naive in my thinking? The answer to this question is: I was totally drunk. Yeah, and as you know again: Talk is cheap, silence is expensive. But I had to post them even on my blogs. So and so. I started to follow each re-blogged my following users reblogs on Tumblr. Again, I do not know why, but I think it’s all about marketing techniques by feedbacks and likes when users with ‘low high’ followers will come back to check your account and if so to follow you and start to reat what are you sharing and posting. Let’s be honest, why we are doing it actually? Of course not only to look at nice looking photograped by professional models, of course not&

So today I’ve plans to figure out why my cartridge printing on A4 with not equal lines of black-and-white. I’m getting to be nervous by seeing at them after printed papers of my pdf’s books on computer. Yeah, it’s very and very annoying to see ‘shit’ looking learn stuff.

All about patterns in my own world

4 Jun

The life is a casual in most cases. The thing is how to invest every second of/from one day into something anything to get a positive feedbacks from had happened situations, thoughts, feelings, intentions, desires, aims etc etc. In my opinion. One day, one week, one year, a decade, it doesn’t matter. You are getting to be older from the childhood. And it’s coming the day when you’ll realize that you’ve been living on earth just one day. One day can make difference in most cases. Our casual day-by-day situations, thoughts, feelings, intentions, desires, aims  are our destiny to think different and make changes. This is the matter of choosing. In my opinion so far.

So what’s the big deal? To invest as far as you could into one day your best thoughts, feelings, intentions, desires, aims respectively. And I’m doing this all the time, or I hope that the thing going to be exactly like this. Who knows? Who? Me? I don’t think so, we aren’t robots and won’t predict what will happen in the future. The future is a matter of our casual thoughts, feelings, intentions, desires and aims as well. What are you doing in your casual days are the future and what will happened in the future. Languages, programming languages, exams, university, education, parents, girlfriend, friends, social networks, the internet, travel, communication, balcony, social skills, brands, calls, cleaning, etc. etc. It’s a messed up of various fields of our one – day that can make influence in another aspects of life. Such a life. I do not know yet what’s going on the earth but I guess the earth is one huge project of somebody that we call ‘God’. Again, who knows? Who?


Svbtle and Medium are trying to reinvent blogging — but who’s going to pay for it?

21 May

Raw Nerve

8 May

Again, so sick. I mean I’m very proud that I helped to somebody with him/her tasks, and today in the evening I had a talk with my aunt about tomorrow plans, (whole life belongs to planning, it’s crazy thing) and that talk was very interesting in point of take a walk with her, because she’s my lovely aunt, and I love to take a walk especially with her. The current language is reading like a convs. I can change it to more figurative way of thinking.

The words in the language

6 May

IMO. Learning a new lanuage is learning words within and through learning language. I think IMO. For instance: the exquisitely painful [cut] process is learning a word in the learning language. [Combination from here.] For the second instance: 음악 – music (ūmag); 음 – sound; 악 –

strong, powerful, vigorous, keen –

severe, violent –

high –

potent –







robust, vigorous, lusty, sappy

악 – exactly, this ‘block’ has lots of versions in the Enlgish language, I would choose a version ‘power’ and add + ‘full’ + ‘ly’ = adv. Other combinations with 악: 악곡 – musical performance; 악극 – opera; 악기 – musical instrument; 악단 – orchestra; And add them Chinese ‘Pinyin’ Characters – as I said any language is the words. And as I said its exquisitely painful process learning new words.

Let’s proceed. There is a word, ‘intent’ plus ‘tion’ = intention. Check the meaning in Webster’s dict. = (1 ) closely directed; strictly attentive; denf; (2) having the mind closely ditected to or bent on an object; sedulous; eager in pursuit of an object; (3) the act of turning the mind toward an object; hence, a desigh; a purpose; intention; mening; drift; aim. So what would you say? It’s huge for non-speaker learner.


Quote 29 Apr

I want to feel nostalgic, I want to feel like there’s this place, where everything will be alright. A better place, a place I should be in, a place I can go back to. But even just visiting it, the facts are plain. It doesn’t exist, it never has. I’m nostalgic for a place that never existed.