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24 Jun

Two weeks ago I had a talk with one of my well acquaintance about our progress of learning The English language. With my best respects to her there is a prehistory to land a final conlcusion. Preface in short story sounds like the next: She has contstantly been studying The English for four years at the university, and had had studied at the school as well. I had been started my journey of learning in the freshman year only. But as everyone knows that years aren’t saying about our experience on any language at all. I guess our published posts are.

I took my process very diligently after a few fails in the lections in public tests at the university and made a room to learn something new each day so far. I’m pretty sure that it is working on in the best sense of the word.

A week ago I ended up with the conclusion that all my best results aren’t well enough to be serious to say about my casual life in Russian language in which I’m talking either about what I’ve been done nor what I would had been done at that time in each evening to publish in a manner of weblog’s diary. And as I could say she’d been interrupted by me.

I’d say that her way of pronunciation isn’t perfect or even not so good to talk about and a little bit about her ‘way’ of describing her ideas and so on so forth. Might be it was hurtfull or something but let’s be honest without any ‘buts’ to say the things ‘as is’. She said a few words about my ‘ungrammatical’ structures of ‘thoughts’ but she had skipped a ‘tags’ had had written like: ungrammatical flow of thoughts or smth. on nikanorovalbert.wordpress.com. I’m not trying to be better than anyone to talk like this. The one thing is I would have to say about my blogs are:

I dare to say to be not fluent by explaining what I’m doing and why. The main aim isn’t this. That’s all. I have no idea about my grammatical and other stuff because of the main idea is to save my local ‘to and fro’ thoughts. This is it.

In his 1959 classic, The Sociological Imagination, the great sociologist C. Wright Mills told students of the discpline:

“As a social scientist, you have to … capture what you experience and sort it out; only in this way can you hope to use it to guide and test your reflection, and in the process shape yourself as an intellectual craftsman. But how can you do this? One answer is: you must set up a blog…
In such a blog … there is joined personal experience and professional activities, studies under way and studies planned. In this blog, you … will try to get together what you are doing intellectually and what you are experiencing as a person. here you will not be afraid to use your experience and relate it directly to various work in progress. By serving as a check on repetitious work, your blog also enables you to conserve your energy. It also encourages you to capture ‘fringe-thoughts’: various ideas which may be byproducts of everyday life, snatches of conversation overheard in the street, or, for that matter, dreams. Once noted, these may lead to more systematic thinking, as well as lend intellectual relevance to more directed experience.
…The blog also helps you build up the habit of writing. … In developing the blog, you can experiment as a writer and this, as they say, develop your powers of expression.”

Actually, he called it a ‘file’ instead of blog, but the point remains the same: becoming a professional journalist requires practice and writing is a powerful aid to reflection.

So that’s what this blog is. I write here about thoughts I have, things I’m working on, stuff I’ve read, experiences I’ve had, and so on. Whenever a thought crystalize or not in my head, I type it up and post it here. I don’t read over it, I don’t show it to anyone, and I dont’t edit it – I just post it. I’m like Google in the fisrt years. All posts are beta or even alpha ‘analogs’ of Google’s programs has been uploaded on the internet for free to everyone with the word ‘beta’.

I don’t consider this writing, I consider this thinking. I like sharing my thoughts and I like hearing yours and I like practicing expressing ideas, but fundamentally this blog is not for you, it’s for me. I hope that you enjoy it anyway.

A draft as a usual. Thanks to Annie for that thinking. I will update this post as soon as possible to re-write  either here or there.

Quote 29 Apr

I want to feel nostalgic, I want to feel like there’s this place, where everything will be alright. A better place, a place I should be in, a place I can go back to. But even just visiting it, the facts are plain. It doesn’t exist, it never has. I’m nostalgic for a place that never existed.

I have to make a voluntary confession because the future is long.

28 Apr

This, I suppose, is the actual problem: I feel my existence is an imposition on the planet. . . . Normally, I just sit in my quiet little room and do the small things that bring me pleasures. I read my books, I answer email, I write a little bit. Writing is the only thing that have chance to kill this ‘boringness’ I don’t know by what, I guess all this about ‘existence’ at whole.

True Confession

True Confession (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I don’t want to be in this world. I don’t want to be this person. I don’t want to be me. I want to live an ethical life, but I’m neutral about how I should do that. I’m constantly trying to figure out how to be more effective and what I should be working on it. I want to have ‘this’ willingness to change my mind completely. If you can do anything you want, then every day becomes an existential problem—an empty space of possibility that has no ceiling but also no walls and no floor. All of these things are bad, but we can work on making something better.

To think continuously about changing the world is to spend your life looking at what is bad in it. To be attached to the world is to be attached to the world as it is, and not for any reason, because reasons can always be countered. To consider the world from first principles, to think about how well it would work if everything were different, is to be ready to throw away everything you know. Radical idealism and a sense of limitless possibility are the brighter facets of absolute rejection. We can fight back.

I guess I’m happy if I have sush a sort of feelings and thoughts. Definitely and obviously, I’m happy man that couldn’t yet understand it at heart, but as I’m saying all the time the words of Steve Jobs at D8 Conference, ‘We’ll see, the future is long’.

She shrugged and smiled

15 Apr
Atlas Shrugged

Atlas Shrugged (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If I Were You I Wish You Were Here

“She shrugged and smiled.” – Atlas shrugged.

I had watch a video on TED.com where a writer (she’s woman) talked about ‘writing’ process. So her words as it ‘have to be with’ words was as strong and clear as it will have any ‘serious’ writer and has a fair relationship for to picture ideas that raised in her mind while the presentation go on at the stage in front of sitting people and installed camera-man around here. At that time I was sitting in the lecture room and it was ‘rest time’ and I was waiting alarm when will be begun our second part of lecture. The History of Foreign Journalism.

I started to think abour words at whole at large. I was recalling words like ‘trembling’, ‘shrugged’, something like that. I was asking myself: ” – Could I say these words in voice verse right now amoung my russian language groupmates? Could I remember them and to use them in very unique situations in my life? “

I was reading a book, as you’ve noticed the title of the book was ‘Atlant Shrugged’, and yet as you may know in the beginning of the novel we are reading ‘special’ words about one girl, and I astonishingly like the tone of telling, the magic where the words lied down in the e-ink was connected, the healthy and wealthy relationship between them, (I mean plot and words) care and calm was to and fro. And I remember that I said to myself that it is really doesn’t matter so much that I cannot write sort of ‘writing’ yet, but I have a chance to begin change it right now at that time and in particular  too. And has begun stream of unconsciesness within me. I forgot to re-correct typed words and about grammatical rules and just start to type these figures, sounds and shapes that my imagination picture to me for free. There’s no doubt that most of things in our life is priceless, has no price at all.

Words. Worlds of words. Music of words, colors of words, ciphers of words, zeros of words, words of words, chords of words, swords of words, birds of words, birthday of words, concords of words, it’s all about words, words can be everything, and everything can be described by words. The languages is the incredibly colloborative system. Our native language is our life, then what’s happening in my life? My tongue mother isn’t fluent I would like to have, so?

Hello over there! Ulysses of essays

14 Apr


I skipped some days where actually I had a time for posting but wasn’t any useful and interesting information at least around me. I am in good trim for now because of a little sip of cup of coffee so can not to choose a proper font to change the way to look to the pushed words and typed sentense. I daresay the Blog would be more quite attractive with photos, videos, interrogations and so on. Do not you have maggots in your brain? Hard to imagine what exacty is it.

Read your own diary not fake internet copybook that may also always have had a ‘copy-paste-n-write down’ operation by either of somebody nor even worst of you. It is a chance to take out algorithm from the gripsack for a Sunday. Today is Sunday without cease and we have to people work without cease too. Leave off. It cost a trifle. Today aim is to write here as long as possible that can be true. A delicious delirious of floating particles it is. Move no more. I want to hold you in mine’s embrace a bit of time. I will be expired fully after.

Clod, simpleton, noodle, oaf, dolt, blockhead, clodpate or clodhoppers are the best determination for it ever. I tried to take a fling at you but you had declined, reject me that turn down my long directed plans at once at place. A shiver of breathe. By jhingo!
Just as well to get shut of them as soon as you are sure there is no’. – Ulysses. One of the best ever have had written on the paper down sentence I’ve ever read before in my young life.

Fastest moving industry – LIFE$TIME

13 Apr
ways of reading

Excellent piece of work

What I want to say for this time? (Not so impressive sentence). Okay, let’s proceed. May be my aim that I’m saying to myself before writing is to be uniqeness in the language that isn’t mine native? Okay, I would encouraged myself to keep my typing on. But before I would say thanks to my parents. Because: they give birth to me, they feed me, dress me, provide money and make me laugh. Long story in short: I can’t live without them.

We make myriad of connections with people around the world the university. (In my case). But as you know not all people (even aroung the university) our parents, relatives, friends. Okay, let’s try type other nouns except mine ‘over and over again’ yelling phrases among my sentences in which is to say there are words boringly influencing to ears and eyes while reading these passages. I mean it, I mean other constructions and connections of words like a ‘common beliefs, achievements, values, interests and even geography’. A lot of them to think and write about.

Book: Tretyakov. How to become famous journalist: The course of practical and theoretical journalism.

It has always amazed me that in this fundamental of all life skills, we’ve been given a little or no training. For example, how to read a book. Yeah, exactly. I had started to read an excellent book about ‘ways of reading‘ and I was amazed by the colourful techniques and ways how to read a poetry (various of them) or a novel in more intimate manner that I had had a read books ever in my whole life since the beginning in the first grade at the elementary schools.

The second example, ‘how to write such an excellent articles like in WSJ?’ How to be succesfule American journalist? How? I want to make the process of writing as natural, as fluid and easy as possible, and above all to make them enjoyable and rewarding.

Are you sure we haven’t met before? Yes! I want a succesful relationship and partnership, I have filled my imagination with what that relationshiop and partnership will look, sounds, fell, smell and taste like with me in it, and I know when I will have it.

Stinking to thinking

7 Apr

All the time. Almost all the time. The English is so good for confessions’ stuff. Because of my parents don’t understand yet The Sounds of English language. Again, all the time there was shadow of ideas and actions left behind in front of enviroinment’s eyes. Eyes to listen and ears to see. The mornings has a ‘privichka’ to be repeated from one morning to other at some point. Love is all, I declare today. All is love? I like don’t think so.

April 2006, Le National, Montréal

April 2006, Le National, Montréal (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I promulgated here a few new videos. And I need discussing for raised topics and feel free to send me any questions for continueing. My e-mail: info@albertnikanorov.com. It’s hard to find soulmate in my town, the soulmate that will be couraged by languages, and the ideas came from sociology and journalism. I couldn’t find bloggers and if even I found these bloggers was so popular and haven’t free time to invest ‘priceless’ time to ‘amateurs’ like me. But I’m keeping looking forward and for so far with the hope that one day, once upon a time I will find that clud, community or man in the same position like mine. To hold on, to be in position and with the answes to eternal questions about journalism. Is open journalism really our future?