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All about patterns in my own world

4 Jun

The life is a casual in most cases. The thing is how to invest every second of/from one day into something anything to get a positive feedbacks from had happened situations, thoughts, feelings, intentions, desires, aims etc etc. In my opinion. One day, one week, one year, a decade, it doesn’t matter. You are getting to be older from the childhood. And it’s coming the day when you’ll realize that you’ve been living on earth just one day. One day can make difference in most cases. Our casual day-by-day situations, thoughts, feelings, intentions, desires, aims  are our destiny to think different and make changes. This is the matter of choosing. In my opinion so far.

So what’s the big deal? To invest as far as you could into one day your best thoughts, feelings, intentions, desires, aims respectively. And I’m doing this all the time, or I hope that the thing going to be exactly like this. Who knows? Who? Me? I don’t think so, we aren’t robots and won’t predict what will happen in the future. The future is a matter of our casual thoughts, feelings, intentions, desires and aims as well. What are you doing in your casual days are the future and what will happened in the future. Languages, programming languages, exams, university, education, parents, girlfriend, friends, social networks, the internet, travel, communication, balcony, social skills, brands, calls, cleaning, etc. etc. It’s a messed up of various fields of our one – day that can make influence in another aspects of life. Such a life. I do not know yet what’s going on the earth but I guess the earth is one huge project of somebody that we call ‘God’. Again, who knows? Who?



What had changed so far?

19 May
Photos from the 23c3 in Berlin, Germany.

Photos from the 23c3 in Berlin, Germany. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The 3 last post was tagged as a ‘copy-and-paste‘ and the statistics started to decrease my readers at once. I paused a little bit because of I was blamed by the facts that I’m loosing my good sense of writing. But all these stuff was just winter time of my learning time because today me and Anna had been walking to a bus stop directly when I had started to talk in English language and I felt more self-confidence to convince myself that I’m becoming more and more proud of my own ability to say something what I want to say in the English language. That’s spring time of my exquisitely painful learning process that I started a couple years ago. The matter is to jungly with more colourful words by using more ‘absolute’ techniques by others, I mean by environ. And this experience as I hope will help me to do the same to learning other languages.

I really advice you to start read here. By clickin’ through the pasted link you’ll find an archive of Aaron‘s raw thoughts that I copied as a headline on this blog. Thanks Aaron, R.I.P. But the other side of question is I found this link when I had been scrolling my newsfeed (I do not know how to spell it correctly, anyway) on G+ that was shared by one of the admired by me folks programmers. After when I clicked on in I was very surprised badly that in the beginning of the post the guy whose name is Edmond ‘copied-and-pasted’ almost whole passages from the post of Aaron. I mean the text about ‘social science experiment’ by psychologist Carol Dweck. If I’m not mistaken of coures, and I posted the next comment below to the post:

“The most part of your thoughts I was reading on the blog of Aaron Swartz and others, but I subscribed in the hope that the future ideas will be really worth to clicking. A few words about shared links: a less more useful links, and most of by annoying amazon books that have to be paid to read. Anyway, the good idea that you started :)” – Thanks to DISQUS that build up an amazing comment framework.

Let’s keep our discussion about the article. It’s really good idea to gather all useful to be read information about engineering in the programming and to share with ideas of others that working on this field of Interet Technologies. I remember one late winter night a long time ago where I’d been programming many nights and reading about engineering folks and how these guys had learned to manage their time to be productive. So I thought that it would be not bad to share with the same info in the Russian language the problem was only to find those folks and I thought as well that it would be useful for me as a journalish and a programmer to make some connections and have some experiment how to interview in real life. (May be via the online too: e-mail, social networking sites, mailing lists etc etc. There are lots of techniques to connent with anyone instantly).

So the differense is between my and Edmond that he has a result excepting me. I can just talk about ‘what I would do in this situation’ comparing with Edmund that started to make, to do without any talking at all events with me. And he has result and I’m commenting and even subscribed to receive updates via e-mail. Nice have done buddy!

So add to these conclusions I have some news. I started to blog on wallmarkets.ru, and come back with my learning process of languages. I’m not frustrated by thinking that wasted so much time bwt these days. Not at all. I printed a new calendar, and some useful pages (fragments) from books that I’ve been reading and enjoying. Thank you guys, all these things are about to use more words  in my future posts to mark deepest side of my personification.

There isn’t any ‘waste of time’

10 May
Steve Jobs and Bill Gates at the fifth D: All ...

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates at the fifth D: All Things Digital conference (D5) in 2007 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Time is priceless, and everyone knows it. The main thing, may be not the most but one of those is to remember ‘what we’re doing on earth’ are important aspects to our current days. It doesn’t matter lying on the bad all day long or working like a slave to have finish on in what we’re doing harder than before. It doesn’t matter. If we’re doing it conscieuosly, we do. And I’m saying to myself not to be the greatest of the greatest in every field of business, but just do what I want to do. This fact of life is patiently obvious. You know it.

Pity, miserable, nothing worth having comes easy. In the school I wanted to be a programmer, and I attented the university where I had been learning programming, but mostly it was a math, clear math and I couldn’t find a solution to ‘matrix’ and smth. And in the middle of semester I kicked ass of one guy that I hated, so after this I dropped out, because I couldn’t go after this, I was miserable, I was living in the home of aunt and all day long I was sitting in the library and reading books about PHP, HTML+CSS instead of going to university and my aunt and even parents didn’t know about it. It were pity days, I agree. After this ‘situations’ I came to conclusion that I can be programmer without any formal education, or even diploma so I decided to tell about it and I moved to the village and was reading all the time as well to keep my self-education in high position as long as I could. It was fail, I know. Next year I decided that I wanted to be ‘journalist’. Before go to programming stuff I knew what I need to do in my life, there was programming and journalism, and to my mind  how I guessed I had thought that it’s more important to have diploma in order to be a programmer than a journalist, in my case the situation was absolutely Z-A, than A-Z how it has to be in normal people.

Then I attented to the journalist department and I like it so far. And I’m programming. So in the freshman year I wanted to be fluent in the English language, because at that time I was ‘stupid’ guy in the group so others laughed at my pronunciation and something. It was normal, and this fact couraged me to keep my learning process all day long, and many nights. Thanks to my groupmates. And I was programming but the whole stuff was annoying, I couldn’t concentrate and my project of local ‘Associated Press‘ was cancelled by dean to franchise and to support. It was fail again. We were living in the dormitory and drinking all nights but I was learning like any freshmans and I liked these days. So then I wanted to learn other foreign languages and I started to learn them. But I failed to study Japanese, I was embarrased that if I started I have to do it much harder that it was with English language, because Japanese was absolutely new place to turn around. So I gave up. At that time I was kind of learning three major Asian languages. That was hard, and it is so far.

In childhood I wanted to be writer, so I started to wrote little storytellings. And then came social networking and I started to spam my ‘online’ friends to sending them my piece of ‘masterpieces’. And I started to read everything about ‘computer nerds’, ‘talented programmers‘, biographies of ‘CEO’s corporations’, everything about Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. And I thought that the next big thing will be my own product. I started to programming on PHP some ugly codes and all my intentions was failed in front of ‘reality’. Because RDF wasn’t mine ‘worth to having charisma’, I was ordinary student with ordinary feelings and intentions. I was just thinking about it, not doing. And I’m doing the same for now. So nothing changed from that times. But the future is long, and will see.

Then I found a few really brilliant guys in back of CEO’s and engineers that kept a blog and shared ideas about internet and techonology at whole. That was really brilliant guys but these guys weren’t popular or something than Steve or Bill.

I will update it if I need to.

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I can’t believed it

3 May

I had skipped three days in a row to mark ‘my table’ so far in which I didn’t recognized any intentions to be understood by me to have well ‘have done’. Grammatic rules and near of it was my first enemy to start to write a post, and all the time I had thoughts that I have poor vocabulary to write anything in the English language, and one of the folks sent me a link about ‘Stop Learning Korean language‘ as well, I read the post, there was a blog and I thought: ‘ – Suck of it’, I’ll continue my learning process at all events, but I guess this is my current ‘low weeks’ I mean the time where I can’t be productive, it’s like I’m charging my battery and of course this fact either very infcluenced on my behavior nor in style for doing something useful: big deal – zero results. Talker, not maker.

Fail early, fail often

And I have to confess: before I had ‘copy and paste‘ some sentences, I mean structure of sentences to describe my feelings, and if you guys we’ll notice something more smart than I could be, you’ll find these sentences at here: Crookedtimber. I forgot almost all in order to write such an excellent posts, how to say it, I’m loosing my sense of English language, there was a time when I was in, in stream of English language’s unconsciousness (is that correctly typed?) Everything changed when my aunt asked me: ” – Is this yours? Are writing all this stuff? Excellent!” And I said, yes, it’s all me and to be honest that is not so big deal, it’s just happening, but 70% of words and phrases wasn’t and isn’t mine at all, and after this conversaion my liar head started to killing my responsibilty and I was feeling bad reaction by me that I’m lying to draw just image, suck! this image I was saying all the time before, and made some confessions on my Russian blog, so this game is start, the battly between real-Albert and just image of Albert, who will win? We’ll see, the future is long!


Why I’m learning Korean language?

2 May

Okay, I’m trying to finish this post in three days so far. It’s a good question, Why I’m learning this language? What’s the problem? Am I learning it at all, or just saying about it? Am I just telling to anybody that I’m learning or what? I guess the latter is true, I’m just talking, that I’m learning, beause I skipped three days in a row to learn Korean language, let’s be honest, and what’s the problem in this case? And Why I’m started to learn this language? What’s the reasons?

This quetion has many aspects in order to be understood, the first is challenge, big challenge to learn not language, but whole functions of one system, its all about our world, how it works and so on, and any language is the best example how it can be achieved, day by day, just doing hardworking and making sense by studying.


음악피아노 – ㅡmusicpiano

28 Apr

I’m sitting in front of ‘spring came here’ window, in front of my laptop, in front of other buildings, in front of myself, in front of my bizarre feelings. For those 7 days I was training my learning languages diligently and carefully, day by day, and where are the substansial results? My body burning me out, I’m stinking out. Might be I’m exaggerating here that I have lots of soul and body illnesses, not likely, more scare thing is that I’m loosing my concentrating on important aspects of my life. What did happened today? 따라하세요? Wie ergeht es dir? Is that all? So sick! My morning’s two simplest examples do asking someone about his/her life just to draw an image that I’m interested in. So why? So what? What for?

For instance, yesterday I skipped my meditation 30-minutes session, and deep-learning of MySql, and lots of time I was reading Chinese books had written in English language, lots of words in Korean, and lots of examples with translating in the Deutsch, and where the results? (And I know clearly all that aren’t enough at all, at all). Do you mean instant, fastests, quickest ‘have done’ properly and with obviosly knowledge to use them in practice, in life? So sick! That’s sick! I was playing guitar, and even had record a video and uploaded to my youtube channel, I would say that is ‘good start, keep it up, never settle down, and what?’ That’s all. The results are making me boring, because I don’t like ‘my have done’, at some point I hate those silly, stupid, moron results, and I would add, ‘add more hours, more training minutes, more productivity, more passion, more simplisity, and let it down for a moment, and again over again, on and on, that? Indeed?

What difference does it make what I learn four languages simultaneously? It’s big challenge, and I know, to start to learn anything is the simplest action we’ve ever always been know, the point is to finish, it’s marathon, and the point is to be fluent in every aspect, puncuation therefore writing, sounds patterns therefore talking, meanings of the words therefore reading, and you know what? When you’re stinking out to learning by heart such a casual words like, ‘delicious’, ‘house’, ‘time’, to have, to go and so on and so forth, it really hurts, because other 60 million and even billion of people know that better than you, it’s clear and again the point is to make such a hard learning hours are to say something for all of them by ‘fluent’ language. That’s my point of view. I’m getting to loose as I think my ability to write in English language, I’m thinking that if I start to learn other language, in the first time all my concentrating will be in basic aspects and that’s why I have chance to stop increase my education on the English, because almost  all the time my attention will paid to ‘just for converstation aspects’ of learning language, for instance, Korean: 법학  – law; 음악 – music, and does make any sense to add more words to my current English? No! Even don’t think about it at all. I’m loosing or had stopped my English language. So how about Chinese? Der Apfel – > I need a hours of hours to remember the word Der Apfel in Chinese language.

There are lots of aspects for ‘arrays’ in PHP,  a bunch of them, and you need to remember all of them to manipulate in future projects and be real professional. You can just install ‘framework’, or ‘CMS’ but you won’t know all deep courners and it means just be ‘user’, not ‘maker’. In order to be ‘maker’ you have to invest all of your time, without any holidays, any days for resting, you ‘have to’ in work all the time, because of ‘life’ is your best work, and you’re doing your best work you’ve ever did and will. That’s make sense, and you’re thinking all the time about what to do in the next day, and 18 hours is good enough to stay in tune in be productive. I started to read books that I’ve ever hadn’t been reading at all, I’m becoming really organized, and productive, all these hard sessions is getting to be my own established schools and universities for me for now, and I feel happines in front of sickness. It’s sick trying don’t break the chain, items that marked on the table had hanged in the wall. But my current English is so bad.

And Aaron is really helping me stay in this level of learning process, and he said the next brilliant words in the perspective:

“do think of seem to have something else in common. They don’t just love thinking, they love language. They love its tricks and intricacies, its games, the way it gets written down, the books it gets written into, the libraries those books are in, and the typography those books use.” Here.

His work and life are my inspiration to keep all these stuff on, and may be once upon a time to look myself in front of mirror, and I’ll say to myself: ‘Good, danke der Mann for 괜찮다~!’

A language barrier?

14 Apr

The next piece of text I wrote an eigth month ago, and just found in my private archive in the cloud. So I decided it will be worth to me to know how increased my ability and capacity for writing my thoughts in The English language. The original version was posted on my livejournal account that I don’t want to reveal here by the reason of awful russian posts in my point of view. It would be better if you’ll scrolling http://www.albertnikanorov.com 😛 Thanks! The post was copied and pasted as it is without any editions or corrections. Judge me, welcome!

Okay, let’s proceed. In the last post I had skipped a few grammatical mistakes that for now only had learned by it. So if you got them too I’ve refixed them at once. And I would have to notify in advance that I’ve no guarantee that mistakes will be not show up again, so if so just pardon me and let me know. Okay? Great!

For the first time we have to have defined the meaning of a ‘word’ LANGUAGE and for that aims I just typed this word in the search engine and results brings in one second. So let’s look:

“Language is the specifically human for acquiring and using complex systems of communication, or a specific instance of such system of complex communication. When used as a general concept, ‘language’ may refer to the cognitive ability that enables humans to learn and use systems of complex communication, or to describe the set of rules that makes up these systems, or the set utterances that can be produced from those rules.”

Ahhhh, a lot of words at once, but it is. And only the meaning of the word ‘language’, isn’t? Just take to pieces these two sentences and try to understand it more simply and clearly that may be it is, too. If we read the definition couple times we can without any hardworking catch up that the word ‘communication’ used three times for describing one word.  And I guess that is the most important part of definition, I mean, range of possible meanings of this “communication”. Like any languages is the way of our manner of communication with others people like me, you, or another. That’s all. A manner of communicate with our parents, friends of may be pets. J That info not astonishing anybody but that kind of simple facts often had left behind. And we are building on our mind so many fake – reasons, tasks, problems that for us it to seems to be figure out or solving a globlam probles, and that’s all connected with/of learning process’ of any language, and even the English language. We are the civilians of our paradoxes and non – effective motives like that we doing really stuff matter. And that mountain is growing up more and more highly that as I said the simple facts left behind at all. Just for communicate, and for have chance to say to out mother “I love you so much, my mummyJ” and it definitely would be right beginning of learning process to the reach progress and for your mummy, too.

So today made me remember that I really love what I learn, how I learn it, I mean: handwriting on paper, doing exercises on handbooks and being able to control and organise ‘what I left behind’ while repeating and listening podcasts, musics, and even watching movies on their original languages and I do it like I would do it my tongue mother, without any false expression, proud or whatever it is. It’s just language, language that only help us to communicate, just for express our opinions, motives, feels, the way to say to our mother ‘I love you’, it really simple fact growing to building much more hard constructions that people do that after just begun must to give up! Because they think that is hard, because they learning English without any feeling, but have lot of angry, and false convention. Feelings are the keyword in order to open properly our soul. Our inner soul that so big that can contain three absolutely different languages at once! (In my opinion). Creating amazing experience that exactly what I want to say for today.  While learning try to create your own, private, intimate experience and try to describe your own feeling with the language that you learn, say your mother, father, sister the words of love. This is it in order to begin to falling into amazing sea of words, sentences, constructions and so and so.

But that field only eligible for that kind of aims and as we know any language has a more widely complex using for instance in business, professional writing, a poetry (Oh, darling!), and … (a passage will continue)

To begin with process we will be in progress.

Process is really matter to think about as well progress is a key factor of any stuff. And levels are levels that you can describe yourself for the eyes of anothers, business partnears, to your teachers at the university, friends and so fourth. The high level is the really good word. As you may be heard a words like: fluent, flexible, upper – intermediate, extrenely well or whatever it is for presentation by anothers your current level of talking, writing and listening skills via another language.