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Is this the future for sharing with the books collobaritevely by paying for one copy just one time?

28 May
Cover of "Kindle Wireless Reading Device,...

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Is this the future for sharing with the books collobaratively by paying for one copy for one time? It’s sounds utopian, it is. Just imagine this scenario of our future for paying to read a book one time by one person. And there would be one place where this person will have a platform to sharing with this one copy anonymously or publicly as a author of.

I’ve been thinking about it for a long time. Three days ago I released a concept page of that was barely an idea a couple month ago – thepiratebooks.org. I think it’s fair to say that this time come true and I didn’t quite know how reaction would be. But it was. Not so impressive I would have to say. The project is in lite version, and even I didn’t uploaded a collected files to share but I just wanted to know the reaction of my friends what they will say about the idea and how impressively they will support to share with their copies of books. I failed.

In case you missed it, the thepiratebooks.org is alive for posting by everyone. thepiratebooks.org, is my idealistic and fictional concept for a everyone who can read. It has one purpose, and only one purpose: enabling ‘shares’ with ‘if you want to read this book you have to pay in cash’ for free for the masses by the person why had paid in cash.

To do it quickly, easily, beautifully and efficiently. The thepiratebooks.org is about breaking down the same barriers that Amazon originally did for selling e-books. The main aim of thepiratebooks.org the same but with one little difference: share, if you paid your cash to buy a book in amazon.com, share with your copy of ‘knowledge’ with everyone all over the world for free. It’s a cornerstore value and in what I believe personally.

All the knowledge we have today, all the progress we’ve made, are based on this simple fact – we copy. A spirit of free access to information and knowledge and today book burnings are done digitally, by blocking or closing down internet services that has non-profit believes that e-book have to be paid one time and the future of copy is let it fly for free by everyone who hasn’t enough money in order to take these flows of information to improve our world to more better place for sharing with worth to reading ideas for free.


Albert, Yakutsk, RoS(Y), 2013


Deal B%ks – Connecting the dots

14 May

A few words about Sector of foreign literature in the Scientific library of the North Eastern Federal University named after M. K. Ammosov.

Systematically organized collection of worldwide known magazines and authentic books utterly surprises you at the first sight when you enter this room – that was my first impression as an eager reader in the  Scientific library of NEFU.

“The New York Times”, “Scientific American”, “Newsweek”, “The Economist”- such a range of best publications in the periodicals and original books of famous and not very famous foreign writers as well, in the distance of several steps to us, that was a big impact for me. So, how about the New Yorker? That’s not the problem; you can find it just typing on the browser of local computer machine where I’m typing this article, too, for future readers.


But there is another question: How about sources in other languages? How about German? French? Japan? Yes, there are 12 languages all in all. You’ll find almost any of them find, at least one book or a magazine for your aims.  As for me, since my first visit (May 2011) till nowadays I got used to sit here day by day.


Then, is it an open minded friendly atmosphere here? Definitely! Just one word: Britannica. WHY? It is a room where such a collection is kept! So just open one of them in order to get access to the wisdom of the world, and dive into your theme of research etc. etc. to finish it around the archive of human being that will not be published in paper version anymore. Nostalgia J

At least all of us will be deeply impressed by reading these works in such a kind of, as I said, atmosphere of calm and concentration.

Everything is supposed to be real: to find the right material for developing one’s education or just approaching a dream – it may come true in this room. Not bad. When I was a child I had dreamed about reading “The New York Times” and other US newspaper so that after entering the university there was a great surprise by the fact that I had found almost all of them in one place near the main building where I’m studying journalism. Wow! 5 rubles a day and you can take home any magazine or book. Really! Yes, my dream had half come true now.

But the sector of foreign literature has some problems to my mind. For example this year the sector got only five books from abroad. But Vera Petrovna (head of the sector) thinks it’s not bad and believes that situation will improve in the future.

In my humble opinion to take an authentic book with a smell of worn out pages is the best studying experience than touching hi-tech retina displays, which may be good, but old school is good school, even better school — of passed past times.

Myconversation with Vera Petrovna:

1)      Good afternoon Vera Petrovna, tell me a little about your feelings at your first coming here for your first workday?

Answer: My feelings were similar to yours. In the nineties, with the falling of “iron curtain” we all enjoyed somehow or other a sense of freedom.

2)      How long have you been working here? What kind of problems did you face in the library during these long eighteen years?

Answer: Since 1994 we faced different small and great problems. Some were solved, some are being solved till now. We had established cooperation with foreign partners for international book exchange: Library of Congress (U.S.A.), Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (Germany), Columbia University, European Section of Book exchange and others. We had subscribed to several foreign periodicals to satisfy our users’ needs.

But what upsets me, it’s the fact that there are few people who really try to widen their outlook or study foreign languages exceeding the limits of learning process. But still there are such persons.

3)      The next question is about the total book fund of your sector:  how many books of foreign writers one can find here?

Answer: Nearly five thousand in total. Scientific books, fiction. So we have “Great Books of the Western World” – 60 volumes, from Homer to Kafka, about 130 authors and original texts. Nearly every book is published abroad and has an only copy.

4)      I’ve found so many dictionaries that helped me with my reports and my topics in English and some dictionaries of oriental languages that were useful, too. Who provides you with such materials?

Answer: Some dictionaries were ordered, some – acquired in a common way.

Some oriental dictionaries were presented. By the way, recently, two Korean – Russian dictionaries were presented to our sector by the rector of NEFU Mikhailova Evgenia Isaevna

5)      If we compare the total book fund of the nineties and the present time what sort of changes had happened and is going to, may be, for the near future? I mean that the university has now the status of “federal”.

Answer: In the nineties we supplied our collection from leading Moscow and other central libraries of Russian Federation, and by means of book exchange with foreign partners. Now we can claim for books, but it should have financial support. And we go on cooperating with foreign partners, e.g. Library of Congress, which cooperates with the whole world. And we get literature from China and Korea as well.

6)      Thank you very much for your answers and I hope that after this publication you’ll meet your future readers to find right answers to questions. What do you need for your library except books?

Answer: We need users and readers for the library, because libraries work for people, for their needs, interests and their education.

<Albert Nikanorov: info@albertnikanorov.com>

I have to make a voluntary confession because the future is long.

28 Apr

This, I suppose, is the actual problem: I feel my existence is an imposition on the planet. . . . Normally, I just sit in my quiet little room and do the small things that bring me pleasures. I read my books, I answer email, I write a little bit. Writing is the only thing that have chance to kill this ‘boringness’ I don’t know by what, I guess all this about ‘existence’ at whole.

True Confession

True Confession (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I don’t want to be in this world. I don’t want to be this person. I don’t want to be me. I want to live an ethical life, but I’m neutral about how I should do that. I’m constantly trying to figure out how to be more effective and what I should be working on it. I want to have ‘this’ willingness to change my mind completely. If you can do anything you want, then every day becomes an existential problem—an empty space of possibility that has no ceiling but also no walls and no floor. All of these things are bad, but we can work on making something better.

To think continuously about changing the world is to spend your life looking at what is bad in it. To be attached to the world is to be attached to the world as it is, and not for any reason, because reasons can always be countered. To consider the world from first principles, to think about how well it would work if everything were different, is to be ready to throw away everything you know. Radical idealism and a sense of limitless possibility are the brighter facets of absolute rejection. We can fight back.

I guess I’m happy if I have sush a sort of feelings and thoughts. Definitely and obviously, I’m happy man that couldn’t yet understand it at heart, but as I’m saying all the time the words of Steve Jobs at D8 Conference, ‘We’ll see, the future is long’.

Guten tag, liebe Freunde!

14 Apr



I suggest that there is plenty of reasons to hope for better from the new constructs of sentences. As for this, you should be judge me by what I said, not what I did. And should no difficulty doing so again.
The real probles is that the latest posts have chosen to remain outside from the main idea for a new texts.
I’ll probably have a chance to put some of the good ideas that I have followed at “normal” level – on local issues, “correct” care and grammatically strong  sequence of the parts of literal speech – into practice throughout my blog.


Fastest moving industry – LIFE$TIME

13 Apr
ways of reading

Excellent piece of work

What I want to say for this time? (Not so impressive sentence). Okay, let’s proceed. May be my aim that I’m saying to myself before writing is to be uniqeness in the language that isn’t mine native? Okay, I would encouraged myself to keep my typing on. But before I would say thanks to my parents. Because: they give birth to me, they feed me, dress me, provide money and make me laugh. Long story in short: I can’t live without them.

We make myriad of connections with people around the world the university. (In my case). But as you know not all people (even aroung the university) our parents, relatives, friends. Okay, let’s try type other nouns except mine ‘over and over again’ yelling phrases among my sentences in which is to say there are words boringly influencing to ears and eyes while reading these passages. I mean it, I mean other constructions and connections of words like a ‘common beliefs, achievements, values, interests and even geography’. A lot of them to think and write about.

Book: Tretyakov. How to become famous journalist: The course of practical and theoretical journalism.

It has always amazed me that in this fundamental of all life skills, we’ve been given a little or no training. For example, how to read a book. Yeah, exactly. I had started to read an excellent book about ‘ways of reading‘ and I was amazed by the colourful techniques and ways how to read a poetry (various of them) or a novel in more intimate manner that I had had a read books ever in my whole life since the beginning in the first grade at the elementary schools.

The second example, ‘how to write such an excellent articles like in WSJ?’ How to be succesfule American journalist? How? I want to make the process of writing as natural, as fluid and easy as possible, and above all to make them enjoyable and rewarding.

Are you sure we haven’t met before? Yes! I want a succesful relationship and partnership, I have filled my imagination with what that relationshiop and partnership will look, sounds, fell, smell and taste like with me in it, and I know when I will have it.